How do you Recognize and Respond to the Chemeical Dependency Problem?

The Chemically dependent person is one who typically has many problems. These problems can be is most any aspects of one's life, such as in personality, family, social, financial, legal, job and health. No part of one's life is free from interference. One or more parts of one's life may be affected.

Many times the things we say and do to help the chemically dependent person are self-de-feating and harmful. Here are some questions to ask youself about your own reactions toward a chemically dependent person you know and/or love.

  • Did I make apologies for embrassing behavior which resulted from alcohol or drug abuse?
  • Do I make excuses for absences or tardiness to his/her employer or teacher?
  • Do I support the excuses for his/her drinking habits or drug usage?
  • Do I drink or take drugs hoping to keep his/her habit within limits
  • Do I cancel social engagements which might result in excessive drinking or drug use.
  • Do I hide his/her alcohol or drugs?
  • Do I assume his/her financial situation by covering bad checks, upaid bills and the like?
  • Do I blame by saying, "If you kept yourself in control, I woudn't have to nag you.
  • Do I attac by saying "If you used will power as I do, you would control your drinking (or drug use)?"
  • Do I threaten by saying, "If you don't shape up, I'm leaving?"
  • Do I use silence or cold shoulder to punish him/her
  • Do I say, "If you cared aobut me, you wouldn't drink (or use drugs.)?"
  • Do I say he/she would not use if it were not for the kids they hang around with?

All of these responses tend only to support drug or alcohol use. If you suspect or know of someone close to you who is absuing drugs and/or alcohol,give us a call. Our trained personnel will asiist you in evalutating what situation you present. That's what we here to do -- to give all peoplea chance to understand what chemicals can do to them.

Nurturing House provides counselling

For all people affected by cheical/drug abuse, including individuals, couples and families, dealing with domestic abuse.

Chemical Dependency is a disease

The alcoholic or drug dependent person is just as sick as someone sufferng from diabetes or cancer. This is known as the "disease concept" of chemical dependency and it is described in the following ways:

  • It is PRIMARY, which means the chemical dependency is not solely the result of race, nor is it solely the result of oppression.
  • The dease is PROGRESSIVE, and will not stop unless treated.
  • The disease is CHRONIC and INCURABLE. (It can arrested)
  • It can be FATAL> Chemical dependency will lead to eventual death from break down of the essential functions of the body, (liver, heart, ect ) or from behaviour that accompanies the inappropriate use of chemicals (car accidents, fires, etc.).
  • The disease is TREATABLE by realistic awarness of the disease concept and application of proven recovery mehtods.